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Training Chair

We’ve never had one before, or if we did, it was long enough ago that we have no SOPs or knowledge base for the position.

What resources are available out there to onboard the position, provide best practices and such?

Is there a way to assign training classes to people?

How do we check what trainings have been done and not?


Hi, David,

There are a wide variety of guides here on the Scoutbook side of things. Some discuss training tracking and so forth.

Our training chair is listed as such on my.scouting (designated by one of our Key 3). There are various ways for someone who is either Key 3, Key 3 delegate (I think), or designated as the training chair to track training at my.scouting according to the positions for which adults are registered. Please note that the BSA won’t automatically list training requirements or their completion for positions for which an adult isn’t registered (e.g. double duty as Den Leader and Committee Member).

There are several existing threads that might have bearing on your question:

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ETA: There are some resources here on the BSA’s website. If you scroll down to Train the Trainer and Administration of Training, there are syllabi there that your Training Chair could probably use to get started.

The BSA also publishes The Training Times

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I’m the training chair for a pack, and the biggest thing I do is encourage leaders to get all the training they can outside of the required basics.

I’m constantly stressing the importance of BALOO training, playing up the fun, learning, and camaraderie Scouters can experience at our University of Scouting, and, of course, I’m always interested in talking about Wood Badge. :slight_smile:

Reporting and tracking compliance on the basics is important, but a good training chair spreads enthusiasm about wanting to do more than the minimum so the youth can have an amazing program.