Training not recording

I’ve taken all the courses for Troop Committee but the system is not recording as complete, I’ve taken 1 course 3 times.

I have seen this issue with other courses in the new LMS system. I opened a ticket with BSA member care team and have also alerted the Commissioner Technology Focus Group to see if this issue can be routed to the proper development group (perhaps ScoutingU?).

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I would recommend contacting BSA Member Care. One way is to go to the link below (when creating a new JIRA help desk account, use your email address for user name). (Member Care JIRA help desk)

Another option is to send an email to

Please include as much identifying information as you can (name, BSA ID number if known, your username that you use to log in at, troop number, council name).

And I think the whole training center is new or just replaced so they might be having issues

Oh, brother. And right when we’re all leaning on folks from the unit and district levels to “take advantage of any unexpected down time you might have to catch up with your training online…”

Yes, per my Commissioner update, the LMS was updated/replaced this past Friday.

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yeah I looked at it today and the navigation is much better

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@DonovanMcNeil it is a much nicer interface and seems to do better on iOS than its predecessor. Now if they can clean up the module completion bugs, it’ll really be great.

Took me four attempts to get a completion on YPT last week.

Can someone who knows someone in BSA IT tell them they NEED TO (must?) update the change long when they make these changes. It isn’t fair to those who stay updated on the changes so they can help others to just “notice” a change like that.

Is there a change log for My.Scouting or ScoutingU? I feel I only find out by noticing changes or through the occasional posts on the My.Scouting login and through the Training Times newsletter. It’d be nice if there was a more unified place (ahem, forums) to post changes to any volunteer facing digital apps/services/online stuff.

Well, since I always get to TrainingU via my.scouting, I would expect them to document it there. In here would be good too!

I have not received ANY change log notices in over a year so I did not even know anything about Internet Advancement replacing some parts of Scoutbook until I tried to access something is Scoutbook that had been moved to Internet Advancement (and is not completely functional there). I wish they would go back to the ole Scoutbook Change Log notification system so we do not have to hunt, hunt and hunt some more to find why something no longer works the way we are used to it working!.

I post to the Change Log category of the forums every time there is a change to Scoutbook. To make sure you get notified of updates to Change Log, click your avatar in the upper right, click on your name then Preferences. Select Emails and Notifications to set how you would like Discourse to notify you.

Scoutbook Change Logs are awesome. I get an email detailing the changes after each implementation. It comes from the forum.

What I am taking about are the change logs posted on my.scouting. They are very incomplete.

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You may need to subscribe to the changelog Discourse thread at Scoutbook Change Log - Scouting Forums

Click on the little icon in the top right, and select “Watching” to get notifications on the whole category as new things are added. You might also need to turn on email for notifications in your profile. I forget where that is

Count me in on this. Have done sections in the past, and then YPT makes me start over. I completed the entire course last week and took screen shots of the completion screen for each. Sure enough. No record of my completion.

Between the navigation of adding a course, enrolling a course, taking a course… it feels more like an obstacle to course intended to weed out those who aren’t fully committed to Scouting.

No good, this. I”m not interested in re re retaking this course. If my role was that of only a parent who was kind of interested in helping, I would tell the unit leader to find someone else… but well… I’m the unit leader and don’t have a choice.

@MarkWestcott If (my.Scouting Tools) is not showing your completions, then please send an e-mail to:

And include as much identifying information as you can (your full name, BSA member number, unit number, council name, etc.).