Transfer an 11yo Scout between packs

Hi, we are trying to transfer a 2nd year Webelo into our pack. His younger brother transferred fine, but the Scout with birthday 11/03/2011 won’t transfer, due to the error “Birth date is not within the valid age range for this program.”
In our state there are many 11yo 5th graders. How do we get this done?

I’m using the website in Chrome on Windows, as if that matters :slight_smile:

Council: Heart of New England
Old unit: Pack 32
New unit: Pack 70
BSA ID of Scout: 134818362


You’d probably need to take a paper application in this case.

Either paper or work it with your registrar. I know our council has switched to having 2 people fulfill registrar duties for 1/2 of the year, so they are very responsive. You can have a family sign a paper app and scan it take a picture and they process it NEXT DAY! Not all councils are the same.

I still consider that a paper app, and then it’s just whatever your council’s procedures are to submit it. But that’s a good point that you may not have to physically walk it in.

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