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Transfer Arrow of Light Scouts to a BSA and track requirements

I am looking for how to transfer my Arrow of Light Scouts to Boy Scouts? And can I manage the scouts in my account or does the troop need to manage the advancement?

Your help will be much appreciated.

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First, check with the pack to make sure that they have finished everything that they need to do (awards processing, etc.).

Next, a parent / legal guardian needs to fill out a paper BSA youth application and turn it in to the troop. Be sure to include their BSA membership number and fill in the circle next to Transfer application. Also fill in the Pack number.

After that, the parents can wait for the application to be processed by the council (some councils are faster than others) or a Troop Admin can use Scoutbook’s “Transfer In Scout” button to pull the Scout onto the troop roster.

Another option is for a parent to go to the Scout’s Membership page, click on the current membership with the pack, add a Date Ended. Stay on the Scout’s Membership page and use the “+ Add” button to add a new membership with the troop.


After transferring membership, the troop would be responsible for managing Scouts BSA advancement. Generally, new scouts will be tested on their skills by a patrol leader or troop guide. How those youth sign-offs get transferred to Scoutbook depends on the troop. (We’re all still learning how to do this optimally.) At that point, the scout and their parents can monitor what is being recorded in Scoutbook.

My experience has been (and may not be up to date), that once Council transfers a scout to a troop the pack can no longer enter any Cub advancement. But… it has been a few years since that has happened as I hold the application until I know they have completed their stuff.

I have back dated various requirements beyond the date the scout was officially transferred without problems. One could presumably keep the Pack as their primary for some time after joining a troop.

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