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Transfer if Troopmaster info to ScoutBook

Do you know if we can somehow transfer our troop’s info from Troopmaster into Internet Advancement ?
Would we be able to printout each Scouts info from the Troopmaster?

If you are referring to camping, hiking, and service logs, there is not a way to do that.

Well, technically there is but involves a lot of typing and clicking for a big unit with lots of history. :slight_smile:

https://www.troopmaster.com/scoutnet.html Please review how to’s here.

I am not aware of transferring Troopmaster data into Scoutbook. My troop uses both databases for a couple of reasons. Scoutbook will only allow your record camping nights, service hours and hiking miles. And the mechanism to record those activities is in a separate database, which baffles me. Troopmaster allows you to record any activity that you want - fundraising, cycling miles, aquatics activities and the like. And the reports are much more user friendly. Also, Troopmaster allows you to record achievements that are locally generated and are not in the National database. Further, you can transfer data to another unit, without creating a whole new BSA ID and figuring out how to consolidate the two files. This is particularly critical in a unit based at a military base like mine. If I had a choice, I would use Troopmaster only. But, since it is required to record advancements at council, I use both.

In Scoutbook, you transfer the Scout and all the data goes with him, since it is a single database. Of course it is possible to make a mistake and create a new account, but if you use the available transfer mechanism it is simple.

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