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Transfer of scouts

I have a pack that has invited me to have access to their scouts in order to transfer them over to our Troop. When I click on accept invitation it brings me to my scoutbook account but I can not find these scouts anywhere. Is there something that may be going wrong? I have done this before and it has worked but for some reason it does not appear to be working now. Any thoughts of what could be wrong before I contact support?

@AlyssaSchaefbauer - does the pack show up in your dashboard or in your connections ? You can log out of scoutbook, close the browser then relaunch and log in to see if that changes it.

I did try that too, as well as switching browsers, but no. They don’t show up singularly or with their pack.

@AlyssaSchaefbauer - if you wish we could try a screen share to have another set of eyes on the issue. If that works, please email me shornak@bloomberg.net

I can not share my screen on my current computer. I may have access to a different one in a little bit. I am trying to copy the link, but what portion of the link is the invitation code? I tried to put part of the link code into the invite scout box but that doesn’t work.

Check under my dashboard > administration > my account > my connections.

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