Transfer Scout showing up as not in a patrol and simultaneously in a patrol

Somehow I’ve got 2 Etchers. The BSA Member # is the same on both, but the User Id is different. User Id 8869816 is the one we want to keep. Is there something I can do to remove Bizzaro Etcher? Did I accidentally create Bizzaro Etcher?

Thanks for your help!

Please do not post PII of Scouts or other users - all that is needed is BSA # - otherwise SUAC will contact you. Your problem is fixed

Thought I’d gotten all of the PII out. Anyway, I would not want the Sustainable Urban Agriculture Coalition after me.

Will this “fix” happen overnight, or should I see it immediately? Because Bizzaro Etcher remains currently.

Also, did I mistakenly create Bizzaro Etcher, or was this a bug?

probably need to refresh page as it is already fixed

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