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Transfer Scouts merge

I have two scouts that transfered to our Troop from Pleasant Hills, CA -Mount Diablo Silverado Council that we have been able to transfer via scoutbook but our council (Central North Carolina) created new accounts for them. I need to have the accounts merged. Here is the information:

Old Userid: 7684845. Old MemberID: 133014149
New Uesrid 11905525 New Memberid: 13882693

Old Userid: 7981069 Old Memberid: 133014187
New Userid: 447093. New Memberid: 13882732

@DavidLarsen these are fixed

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Just in case you need it. The Mt Diablo - Silverado Council (MDSC) merged with two other councils and is now part of the Golden Gate Area Council which kept the same council number. The old Berkeley Council part of MDSC was the first council to in Northern California. The main GGAC service center is in Pleasant Hill, CA, but that is likely to change.

Here is the council website if you need to contact them:

Bill_W, a GGAC volunteer

Actually Bill they slipped away in the middle of the night. Everyone down in Pleasanton now

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