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Transfer with 97 unapproved requirements from previous troop

I have a new scout whose father just added 97 requirements in September. All of these were marked completed this past year, some of them in March and several back in 2018. I have checked with tech. advisors in SB and there is not an issue with syncing. Once transferring successfully, their old troop advancement will not have visibility on this scout, as he would have been taken off the roster (I think). My question is on how to proceed?

My first thought is that they need to communicate with their former troop and get this straightened out. The other issue is, I don’t have time to verify that many items for one kid, but if I must go this route, they must provide all blue cards and documentation proving the requirements were complete, correct?

I cannot understand why that many items would not be entered and not approved or awarded. It seems like a huge amount of work that was left to the last minute OR that someone is not being honest about. FYI, there are four MB’s and then 93 advancement criterion.


Remember enter requirements and Blue Card Information is really the scouts responsibility, so if the other troop did not utilize SB or that they never went into approve, the scout can bring with them their scout handbook and all completed blue cards for you to see and approve.

Or have the parent reach out to the old troop and have them approve them.

When a scout transfers out of a troop, I no longer see them or have access to them. So, I am wondering if this even possible for the old troop to approve anything for this kid if he is not in their system?

It is also possible that the other troop was not using Scoutbook. Or if they were using Scoutbook, they were not using it to track individual requirements. Maybe the Scout or the Scout’s dad was using Scoutbook to enter everything to match the Scout’s Handbook?

If you know for sure that a rank has been earned, then I wouldn’t worry about the individual requirements - you could just mark them as approved. For current rank(s) that the Scout is working on, you could check the Scout’s Handbook for approvals.

For the merit badges, if they are completed, then the Scout should have blue cards. It is also possible that the Scout is using Scoutbook to keep track of stuff prior to meeting with a Merit Badge Counselor (for example: if a Scout visit a National Historic Landmark, they could write the date of the visit and some notes prior to getting it approved by the MBC).

They are new to our area and I do not know this scout yet. I realize that with the military and moving season, things can be lost, but I believe that the previous troop did use SB for tracking.

Did the Scout come from a different council?

Yes. An entirely different council.

OK. Try asking your council Registrar to see if they can get a “Person Record” for the Scout from the other council. This will show everything that was approved overall.

For individual requirements, the Scout should either have approvals in the Handbook or blue cards.

You could also try adding a new current membership to the Scout’s Membership page with the old troop. I’m not sure how well this would work, though, because the Scout probably got a new BSA ID # when he transferred to the new council.

Since the Scout came from a different council, use the Transfer tool and the Scout’s old BSA Member ID to move that record into your unit. I suspect the Scout has 2 accounts due to 2 BSA Member IDs that will need to be merged. Let us know what you find and we can give you the next steps.

I have not heard that BSA numbers change from one council to the next. Thus far, this scout has been uploaded and transferred in without incident. Things are synced and showing that items I am referring to have only recently been added.

Councils generally get different blocks of BSA IDs (due to the configurations of the older membership tracking systems), so when a youth or adult moves between councils, we get a new BSA ID for our trouble. :wink:

BSA Guide to Advancement Electronic Advancement Miscellany
Scout Transfers.
BSA member identification numbers are unique only within each local council. They are not nationally universal, although it is likely they will become so as the National Council updates its computer systems in the future. Thus, advancement data associated with a Scout’s ID number cannot be accessed by any other councils. For this reason, if a Scout moves to a different council, the Scout must obtain either a printout of his or her advancement from the previous council or a copy of the Internet Advancement Member Summary Report from his or her previous unit(s). Either of these should be attached to the application used to transfer the youth’s membership to the new council and unit. It is important to enter the Scout’s name and BSA identification number on the youth application exactly as they appear in the records of the former council. Nicknames and other differences will only delay the transfer process.

Connections are not automatically dropped. Someone from the old troop could still technically have access to the scout’s info. But I wouldn’t want them to. I’d suggest looking at the scout’s connections and removing any that don’t belong.

If the Scout moved between councils this year, then he is probably on both official troop rosters with two different BSA ID #s (until he is dropped when the former troop’s recharter is processed).

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Regardless of the reason for the requirements not being approved, if the scout can demonstrate to your satisfaction that they were finished (such as by showing you the signed blue cards or signatures in his Scout Handbook), then it is very easy to approve them all at once.

Go to Reports and choose the Needs Approval report. Click on the scout’s name and skim the report. If everything agrees with the documentation they show you, click “Select All” at the top, “Mark as Approved” at the bottom, and you’re done. You do not need to go in and approve each one individually.

One possibility is that the scout’s record from the previous council may not have been migrated when the scout was added to your roster. Or the previous unit may not have used Scoutbook to track all the requirements. The parent may be using Scoutbook for the first time and just updating things that were not entered by the previous unit.

As far as I can tell, the old way to do a transfer was to obtain a hard copy of the scout’s advancement and award history, and attach that with a current membership card to the hard copy scout application with the transfer parts filled out. The new council’s registrar would create a new account in their membership database and manually enter the scout’s history.

The new way with the Scoutbook database, is to transfer the scout’s account with the old BSA ID# to the new unit. Then turn in a hard copy application to transfer the scout to the unit in the my.Scouting.org roster. This creates a new ID# which should update on the Scoutbook account. If it doesn’t, then a second account is created for the scout, which Scoutbook support has to remedy by copying the new number to the old account and deleting the new account.

A uni does not have to use Scoutbook; they may use Internet Advancement to record stuff for their scouts. However, all scouts now have Scoutbook accounts. From what I understand, awhile back, as part of migrating the IA database to the Scoutbook database, accounts were created for all registered scouts using data from IA cross referenced with my.Scouting.

The task, going forward,is to work the process so each scout only has one account, and it follows them from unit to unit throughout their scouting carreer.

It’s probably worth mentioning, despite all the talk of blue cards, from my experience in scouting, with 3 different units as a youth, all the way up through eagle, I never saw a blue card once.

Depend how his former troop ran things, he may not even know they exist. I sure didn’t.


So my first question is, “why haven’t you called the previous SM?” And how do you do that? Why ask the scout and his/her parents. When I had a scout transfer from another council I asked for the previous SM’s phone number.

Most SMs would love to get a call from a new unit. For one thing it tells us that the scout has continued on.

As a note, I also followed up my call to the scout’s SM with a call to the council service center. They gladly emailed me a report that all councils can run showing all completed information.

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