Transferred to a different district overseas


My sons recently transferred from the High Plains District in the Pikes Peak Council (Pack 808) to the Transatlantic Council (Pack 69). During that move, I don’t know what happened, but both of their records appear to have been purged. I would appreciate any help from an admin that might be able to look up both of my sone’s and see what is going on.

Thank you!

Robert Yarnes

@RobertYarnes BSA numbers are better than names

@RobertYarnes I cleaned Your SB account and M account - but I do not see a TAC registration for J

Thank you for taking care of my account!

Joshua’s troop didn’t grab him yet, do I’ll work with them. His records are back, and that’s the biggest thing I was worried about.

Matthew looks good, I will work with the pack to make sure everything is good.

Thank you again!


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