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Transferring a Scout to Adult Leadership

Today is the end of the 24 month Eagle extension for young women who joined BSA on 2/1/2019. I have 3 young ladies who were in that group. Two of them just made Eagle (December and February), and the third JUST submitted her paperwork last night (some girls are JUST like a lot of boys going for Eagle).

I intend on transferring them from Scouts to Adult Leadership as ASM. My question is for the 2 of them that made Eagle, how do I transfer them to adult leadership status? How will they be found through my.scouting.org and scoutbook?

For the 3rd young lady, how will this affect her as she is being reviewed now for Eagle. Do we still transfer her to adult leadership?

These Scouts need to complete Youth Protection Training then fill out an adult application and sign the Criminal Background Check authorization. Make sure they write their BSA Member ID on the application so they don’t end up with a second one.

For YPT, they need to make sure they take it on the my.scouting.org account attached to their youth BSA Member ID. If completing the adult application electronically, it needs to be done from this account.

I would wait until after the Eagle Board of Review is complete for the 3rd individual.


Im sorry i didn’t clarify. They all 3 are YPT and Adult Application (because they are over 18 years old).

Are you saying they have to do a NEW Adult application? Even though they just did their before we rechartered?

yes - if they are over 18 they are Unit Participants (Scout position) - to stay active they need an adult leader position like College Scouter Reserve

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I seem to have not been clear enough.

When they registered on 2/1/2019, as ages 16 to 18, they were allowed only 24 months in the BSA even though they would be over 18 when they made it to Eagle. They are only allowed to be a Unit Participant until today 3/1/2021.

As of today, their 24 month time allotment is Over.

I need to transfer them from being a Scouting Unit Participant to being an Adult ASM.

Do I have to have them fill out a NEW Adult Application even though they already did one this year to be rechartered? They are ALL YPT trained.

Yes, they need new adult applications to change position from Unit Participant to any adult leader position.


To add some context… New adult leaders AND changes in leader positions require approval of the COR. Hence the need for the new application that the COR has to sign.

The only current semi-exception to this is when leaders change positions during the recharter process. This doesn’t require a paper app, but the COR approves the full roster, so technically leaders are still being approved in their new role.

Perhaps one day soon this can all be done electronically, but right now same-unit position changes are not possible digitally (in most councils), outside of recharter.


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