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Transferring My Scout to a Troop

My Scout bridged from her pack to her troop at the end of February. Currently, she’s still listed in her pack and hasn’t been transferred to the troop, which means she also can’t advance in rank or earn merit badges because she’s still considered a cub scout. Council says they are unable to transfer her because there is a problem with the unit’s charter at the national level. Who do I contact at the national level to help sort this problem out? Council can’t help.

That is a council issue - they handle charters not National. Give the Scouts BSA # and we can at least take a look

Appreciate the help! BSA ID is 13689286


This Scout is still registered with the pack. You will need to contact your Council to find out why her transfer application has not been processed.

If the Council says there is a problem with the charter, the Council has contacts at National to get this resolved so she can be transferred.

Yeah, unfortunately council hasn’t been able to help out with this issue. I’m hoping that national can do something. If my daughter isn’t able to advance or earn merit badges, why pursue the Scouting program? We’ll find an alternative that allows her to be recognized for her efforts.

This is a Council issue. If the Council can’t transfer her to a Troop because of a recharter issue, the Council must contact National to get the issue resolved. As a volunteer, there is nothing you can do.

Did you do a paper application or online? You can do transfers online with no council involvement. The parent or source unit initiates the transfer. The unit leader of the receiving unit accepts it. It syncs up with Scoutbook in 24-48 hrs.

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“Sidestepping” the council doesn’t seem to be the issue here. This process will not work if there are issues with the charter of the receiving unit. It also depends on the receiving unit having online applications enabled, as has been noted elsewhere. Many units do not, for various reasons, permit online applications. That also doesn’t appear to be the issue here. The issue appears to be, at least based on what @DebraKeelean-Fuller has posted, that there is an issue with a unit charter. As was noted, that has to be resolved in order for scouts to join that unit.

The online transfer won’t work if there is a problem with a unit’s charter; they’ll get a “not eligible for transfer” message.

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