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Transferring Pack crossovers into Troop through my.scouting.org - push or pull?

It’s crossover time and I found where/how to transfer crossovers from the Pack into the Troop but as the SM of the Troop, I cannot see where to ‘bring in’ the crossovers. I can see the roster of my current scouts in the Troop. Is it up to the Cubmaster to initiate the transfers in my.scouting.org? I tried transferring individuals from my Troop to see what would happen (I tried transferring myself, my kids, my husband) by going to my scouting > organization manager > roster, and received this error message “The following members are not eligible for transfer”. It’s making me think the Cubmaster needs to send (push) the kids to me for transfer approval, I cannot pull them over? Is this how it works? Thx and YIS.

Assuming you are talking about making official transfer (not just in Scoutbook), it has to be initiated by a key 3 (or probably key 3 delegate) in the pack or the parent of the scout.

Yes official transfer, I’m one of the Key 3 in the Troop and looking forward to avoiding the papers needed in the past :slight_smile: but it comes from the Pack to me as SM?

Correct. The pack leaders or the parents have to initiate it. Then, you have to approve it in the application manager. That all assumes you have online applications turned on.

Fabulous! Not sure this could be any easier. Thanks, I’ll let our Cubmaster know so he can ‘push’ them to me for approval.

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I did it from six scouts from my pack. All transferred to the troop where I’m membership chair. So, I had visibility to both sides. It worked great with the exception of one scout whose parent did not have a date of birth assigned in Scoutnet. I’ve also heard of issues with some scouts not having a parent assigned in scoutnet. Both can be corrected pretty quickly by the council registrar.

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