Transferring Scout information (inc. Payment Log) between units due to new charter


Our pack has been using the payment log feature for the pack finances for the past couple of years. Due to a decision by the Diocese, the parish that has chartered us for the past is no longer going to charter us going forward. Council has indicated that all the members will need to fill out a paper application with the new unit application to move the members into the new unit. Is there a way to transfer the information in Scoutbook (payment log, den structures & permissions) from our old unit to the “new” unit? I recognize that, as long as member ID’s stay the same, all advancement and awards for the scouts & leaders will transfer automatically.

Brian Knutson Cubmaster Pack 13

When my pack went through that a couple years ago, our registrar essentially changed the CO and pack number on the existing pack instead of creating a whole new one. I’m not sure of the technical details to accomplish that.

The Feature Extension has a way to import - so you could also Export it out first and have that back up in case