Transferring Scouts from South Korea to NCAC ( WOD )

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We are trying to transfer two scouts over and are having trouble figuring out the transfer

  1. DO - 137336726
  2. NO - 13719296

The origin council was able to transfer them to our Pack ( or atleast thats what it shows in their Parent portal ),but i dont see them in our pack / organization.

Can you please assist.


Thank you!)


I see where someone transferred both of them in Scoutbook but this is not official. They need to be registered in NCAC and added to the official pack roster.

When you register them in NCAC make sure to use their full legal names (first, middle, last) as recorded in Scoutbook and that their DOB matches what is in Scoutbook.

Thanks. I notice them in scoutbook now.
I think their Previous Scout leader transferred them into the pack and i see that it is not official. I will be turning in their application for registration, will that change their BSA id number ?
Also would i need to put them as net new scouts or submit as Transfer application.



Yes, their BSA Member ID will change as every council has their own set. As long as their first name, middle name, last name and date of birth match what is in Scoutbook the system will match them and they will not get a new Scoutbook account.

This is a transfer application. Include their current BSA Member ID on the application.

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