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Transferring Scouts

We are in the military and just moved from Georgia to California. I am trying to get my 2 scouts transferred over. They told me that my oldest and I were now transferred over, but they couldn’t get a hold of my youngest’s account. They can see it in the system but they can’t open it or change it over. When I log in to the scout book, it still shows me with the GA pack. I keep getting told that I have to do the transfer online on the site. I have tried that multiple times, but it won’t show me the new pack in the results, and it’s not letting me change myself over. It finally pulled up my children’s account that we are trying to transfer but it won’t let me transfer him, because there isn’t an adult to link him to? But supposedly my oldest and I are transferred over. Does anyone have a clue why I can’t transfer us over?

My ID is 13042568
My youngest is 13654382 (the one the previous council gave us), but when I tried to transfer him, it said I couldn’t because there wasn’t an adult to link him to. Then they told me that his ID number was changed now and I cant see the new number.

We are trying to transfer into Pack 0102 for the Los Padres Council 053

Any theories or ideas are greatly appreciated at this point.

try this

MYST Transfer tool.pdf (222.1 KB)

I have, thank you ^^ but its not showing the pack in the results…and Im not a den leader, just a really confused and tired parent whos been trying to get this accomplished for a month or so now. It keeps telling me I can’t do anything. So Im not sure whats up. I guess I will have to call the council or go see them in person. Thank you for your help.

What the original council needs to do is make you parent in ScoutNET (council tool) then 24 hours latter you can do these steps. Or just register Scout in new Council with all the same data, marked as a transfer

Thank you, I will give a try.

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