Tried to change Leader possition

I attempted to change a leaders possition in Scout book with a start date of today due to wrong position and with an end date of today in order to add the new possition. Now the leader is missing. Is there a way to get him back on the roster?

What is the BSA #? @JohnBurnham

He was just approved by our COR and is so our Unit Commissioner. Would this be on his online application?

Well??? A COR does not approve Commish - that is a District position. Unit has nothing to do with it

Our unit comish is dual registering as an ASM with our troop

those would be 2 different applications - one with Unit, one with District

are they ASM in Troop now? you could just add the new role

He was on the roster and added as an asm. When I put in an end date so I could put him own as an ask his name was removed from the unit roster.

is his kid in unit? go to him that way

No, he has no kid in the troop

Did you search for him by email address?

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