Triplicate Scoutbook Profile

My profile is in triplicate on Scoutbook. One is tied to Google SSO, another a username/password login, and a third was sent as an invitation, but left pending.

Can these be merged together?

All three of these are me tied to the same email address:
BSA Member ID: 137495695 – Google SSO
BSA Member ID: 14379129 – User/Pass
BSA Member ID: 12542385 – Inaccessible

I’d like to continue using the one with Google SSO.


I will look at this @RyanHendrickson

OK this is fixed - the Google log in remains

At one point I had a Scouting login / membership with Laurel Highlands (previously Greater Pittsburgh) showing my Eagle Scout rank and another BSA membership id. Is that something that is connected to and my email address? I thought it was as well.

Thanks for merging the accounts,

Well your eagle is now also with 137495695

Ahh okay - how do you see that? Which URL do you goto?

When I go here: My Scouting I still see two member IDs: 112940192 and 137495695. What’s the difference between them?


0192 was your Youth - 5695 is your adult registration

Ahhh okay. I thought there used to be an app or webpage that showed my Eagle award… Do you know where that is?


never heard of that - scout history report would

I have to manage my id to my old council, but it shows my eagle and NESA.

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