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Troop 165 meeting next Monday

On Monday make sure your backpack is ready to be ready to go and make sure you bring it to the next meeting next Monday because we are going to do the backpack shoot off so make sure you bring it and we are going to finishes luncheons too so make sure you are prepared.

@GibsonLesley you posted this in a National forum

welcome to the forum but you posted to the National forum instead of your unit forum

Can an admin send new, unaware users a private message about the oops and delete these types of posts?

In doing so, IMHO, would go a long way to help clean up the cruft, it would help new users understand their mistake while also not making them an example.


I’ve only seen maybe 3 or 4 of these since they launched the new forums, so I don’t think there’s that much “cruft” to deal with.

Yep, this is probably not getting to the scouts who need it. That said, Troop 165, enjoy your hike!

Since you asked, I am interested in what the “backpack shoot off” is about.


Same! this might be a fun activty for my crew haha

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