Troop Admin privileges gone from SB

I had posted on this topic previously but didn’t reply in time to keep this discussion going.

One of our Troop Admins has lost her ability to edit calendar events and communications. She still has access to SB but no longer can edit things. In her SB account it has her Troop Admin position term listed as expired. I would like to extend it but can’t find her in SB.

I have had two recent communications with the Council confirming that her BSA no. is 12746816. Also, when she goes into her SB account and looks into her Edit Profile, that number is listed at the bottom. So we have the correct BSA number and a SB account but I still can find her in a SB search. I have tried searching for her by name, email and number.

How can I get her back up and running to as a Troop Admin. What’s next? Is there another way to add her as an admin?

Is she on your official roster at You may need one of the Unit Key 3 (CM/SM, CC, COR), a Key 3 Delegate, or someone in another functional role with access to check the official roster.

Only registered leaders can serve as unit admins or as unit leaders in Scoutbook.

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This BSA Member ID is not and has never been registered with the BSA. Since you are in Northern Star Council, the adult will need to go to Northern Star Scouting - 2020-2021 Program Registration Fees and register for 2020-2021 then after July 1, renew for 2021-2022.


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