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Where do I look for scouts information after the scout has aged out.

The only source is from your council or if you retained any records outside of Scoutbook (hardcopy/PDF).

If you know the BSA ID number, unit Admins and Key 3 can get Cub Scout and Scouts BSA History Reports based on the Scout’s BSA Member ID. To search for a report by BSA Member ID, go to to My Dashboard -> Reports -> Cub Scout History Report or Scouts BSA History Report.

Does that work whether or not the former scout is still associated with the unit?

It’s supposed to work either way.


Odd. I thought maybe the issue was on my phone, but I’m not seeing
Cub Scout History Report or Scouts BSA History Report at My Dashboard → Reports even on my desktop.

The closest I see is “Individual Record”, and that only offers me a radio-button list of scouts currently on our roster, with no spot for a search by BSA ID.

I also looked at My Dashboard → My Units → Reports just in case the path wasn’t right, but I didn’t see it there, either. The only way I can see Cub Scout History Report or Scouts BSA History Report is by browsing to a particular scout’s dashboard, then clicking on Reports. Even then, it just spools that scout’s report, rather than offering a spot to enter a BSA ID.

I re-approved my Unit Admin positions, and I’m listed as a Key 3 Delegate. Thoughts on why the report might not be appearing?

They should be the bottom two options under reports… after needs awarding.

I got nothin’…

It’s a fresh browser window & login this morning. I’m connected into AWSWEBSCTBK2C, just in case it’s a matter of one machine not serving recently updated code.

ETA: Meant to mention I also tried a fresh window with all extensions disabled, just in case there was some weird interaction. Same issue in both Firefox and Chrome.


Go to and make sure your K3D is still active. The History Reports by bsa member ID are supposed to appear for K3, K3D and unit admins. K3 and K3D are validated via Akela.

Yup, here I am in OSM:


The report should also be appearing based on the Unit Admin role (I re-accepted it in case it had “disappeared”).

@CharleyHamilton If you have a PM with @edavignon or @DonovanMcNeil could you send them your BSA member number, Scoutbook UserID #, and troop info?

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Done. Thanks, @jacobfetzer, @edavignon and @DonovanMcNeil.


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