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Troop committee chair

can the committee chair of a boy troop be the committee chair for the girl troop under the same charter orginization?

Sure can do that and many operate that way

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As @Stephen_Hornak noted, it’s totally possible.

You do need to submit an adult application signed by the COR to serve as the CC for the second unit. Include your current BSA ID and indicate it’s a multiple registration on the application. Depending on your jurisdiction and chartering org, you may need to do this in hardcopy rather than electronically.

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For what I would call “tightly linked” troops, that was the model. Same committees, just different SMs and PLCs. Like @CharleyHamilton mentions, assuming your COR is ok with that.

Our COR purposely wanted our units to have separate committees. Different groups of focused adults. Our units are loosely linked. I like how it worked out, but I assume there are plenty of troops that are tightly linked that like how it worked out for them.

thanks, I am the scoutmaster of the boy troop and we are working on starting a girl troop and i was curious how the troop committee worked for 2 seperate troops, i think we will end up having 2 different committee chairs.

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the 2 troops CAN SHARE a full committee - freeing up volunteer help perhaps


You can have separate troops or “linked” troops under the same chartered organization. Linked troops share the same committee members, but must have different Scoutmasters. Assistant Scoutmasters can be the same.


If they’re under the same committee, yes. If the two troops have two separate committees, then no.

A person could multiple and be the CC for both. The COR would have to agree with that plan.

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It’s my understanding that one person can’t be a member of the Key 3 for multiple units. But maybe my understanding is incorrect.

Well CORs are - I have never heard that restriction myself

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Well, yes, obviously that wouldn’t apply to CORs who have multiple units under one CO.

Looks like I’m incorrect.

There are no restrictions on the number of positions one person may hold as long as the individual serves in only one position per unit with the exception of the chartered organization representative (CR)


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