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Troop historian

Son has been given the job of Troop Historian, unfortunately he isn’t taking over from anyone. Besides interviewing the Scoutmaster, suggestions to things he can do. Unfortunately before the council it was originally part of had a flood and lost most records before it combined into a new council.

He may not be able to recreate, but can certainly track the history now. Take photos, do a monthly report, all kinds of things. He should ask the SPL and SM.


Local newspapers can be a source of treasured photos too! The Role of Historian is unfortunately neglected in many troops.

Definitely don’t focus so much on the need to find or recreate old history. Focus on capturing the history during his tenure. Take photos at meetings,events, camp outs, Eagle projects, fundraisers. Clip news articles. If anyone else takes photos ask them to share copies. At the end of his tenure put together a slide show (PowerPoint) for the Court of Honor showing everything that the Troop accomplished during that time.

Hi, @TimothyDolan,

I tend to agree with the other posters regarding an emphasis on capturing what’s happening now over trying to recover the past events/documentation.

If the troop really wants to attempt to recapture lost historical information, this might be a potential leadership project to satisfy Requirement #5 (positions of responsibility) for Star or Life. The Scoutmaster would have to approve such a project, per the requirements, but it might be an interesting project for a motivated scout to undertake.

To the library archives it is.:+1: