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Troop JTE Tracking Workbooks for 2021

Does anyone know if the BSA intends to post a JTE Tracking Workbook for 2021?

We have used the workbooks found at Tracking Workbooks | Boy Scouts of America to stay current on and track our progress towards earning JTE Gold. In the past the Tracking Workbook has been posted about the same time as the Scorecards but so far this year the 2021 Scorecard has been posted but not the Tracking Workbooks.

Chuck Olson
Troop 463, Sandy Springs, GA

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After several months (it IS now May…) I have JUST submitted the updated and corrected 2021 UNIT JTE Workbooks and PDF scorecards for posting on the appropriate pages under the parent page of Journey To Excellence | Boy Scouts of America . This has been a “labor of love” that has kept @RonaldBlaisdell , myself and Neil Lupton busy since December with frequent communications at all hours of the day and night. Ron deserves a medal for all his work… which I can’t award… If we could we should nominate him for this one :sunglasses: image (OK, not intending to offend anyone… so he really can’t get that one for this effort.)

@RickHillenbrand given it’s May and you have submitted, when do you expect it’ll be approved and posted?

That is great news. For once patience has been rewarded. Thank you very much.

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In conjunction with the JTE Team, the Commissioner Technology Team is pleased to announce that the 2021 UNIT Journey to Excellence Scorecards (PDF files) and Tracking Workbooks (Excel files) are now available. Please see the following post for full details: Journey to Excellence Tracking Workbooks now available - #11 by RickHillenbrand


Thank you for getting this done.