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Troop Lock In

Do you think that the troop lock in can be considered as a camping night?

For which requirement?

entering it as a “camping” day in Scoutbook

For which rank, merit badge, or award requirement?

Not entering for any of that, it would go in as Scouts camping log

So for Order of the Arrow. We don’t. If the Scout sleeps in a permanent shelter, it doesn’t count as a camping night.

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that is what i believe as well. especially since those days are used for OA qualifier

The OA membership eligibility requirements don’t track days of camping, only nights.



I think that a troop lock in could potentially count as a troop “activity” (but not an “outdoor activity” or “campout”) as part of Second Class / First Class #1a. Is that what you are trying to track?

At the Scoutmaster’s discretion, it could (potentially) count as a night of camping for JTE purposes (JTE Support Documents: FAQs: Unit).


An activity. Not camping.

Patrick, the way the current log works, a scout/parent/leader may enter anything they want into the Scoutbook Camping log. That is part of why Scoutbook does not automatically give credit from log entries toward awards and advancement.

A unit may choose to limit what is entered, but the account belongs to the scout, not the unit. If s/he wants to enter something, s/he can.

Doug but it does count if you run the OA report. I guess ultimately it comes down to the SM allowing it as a camping night. Or having the person running the report knowing that that particular “night” can not be used toward OA

The OA requirements do not specify that the camping needs to be in a tent. Cabin camping could count. Other things like a heated lodge or a lock-in are more questionable. I’d say if you don’t consider them to be “camping”, don’t put them in the “camping log”.

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Or alternatively, enter it in the log but as a zero days/nights


My gut … log whatever. When you generate a report, review it for applicability to whatever purpose you intend. Adjust the total counts accordingly. The O/A requirements seem pretty insistent that the totals reflect outdoor requirements …

… 15 nights of Scout camping while registered with a troop, crew, or ship … must include one … camp consisting of at least five consecutive nights of overnight camping … five nights of the long-term camp may be credited … the balance of the camping (10 nights) must be overnight, weekend, or other short-term camps … Ship nights may be counted as camping for Sea Scouts.

That’s a lot of emphasis on the word “camp” to the point of saying “ship nights” only count for Sea Scouts, which raises the question of a troop who does a Seabase live-aboard sailing adventure instead of a land-lubber’s summer camp. Plus, I’m sure that some troops have unique opportunities of indoor overnights that crowd out the traditional camping schedule. So the SM’s discretion comes into play here, regardless.

My bottom line: has the scout in those identified 15 days displayed enough of his/her character for the SM and scouts to make a fair judgment in an election? Or, was an event on the report more of a “tour” or “sport” rather than actually living together in cheerful service, and would a more demanding overnight activity typical of traditional scouting need to be on the list for everyone to have seen the candidates character?

Hopefully, by the time call-out rolls around, this scout will have camped (in the traditional sense) far more than 15 nights in the past 24 months. So, the point will be moot. If not, hopefully you’ll respond to the intent of the requirements and not total score on a print-out. Hopefully, your committee will stand by your decision.

Quite true. If they are being considered for election to OA, and are in an active unit, they should have no issue with having more than the 15 required nights.
My scout crossed over 22 months ago, and has 53 nights with his troop.

One thing to be clear about - this would definitely not count for the Camping Merit Badge, which requires you to sleep in a tent you pitched or under the stars. (There is language which allows you to count nights in a permanent tent, such as at summer camp).
When we do OA eligibility, we review the camping nights for each scout, specifically in order to catch items like this. Each year, we do a few overnight activities which don’t count - a night on a ship (we are not Sea Scouts, so no go; a night at the climbing gym come to mind.)

We are located in MN, camping during the winter months is not always an option. The other thing is that we are a small troop. I have a winter campout scheduled, but not one single scout besides mine has wanted to attend, and even if they did, I would still need another YPT adult along. We have 10 Scouts, of which maybe 5 are active enough for me to not pick up and move to the next town over.

At the risk of telling you something you already know, have you tried getting the five actives to schedule their own events and getting at least one or two of their parents registered? I found that participation grew a fair piece when I pushed the youth in the patrol I advise to plan the events they wanted to participate in, rather than waiting on someone from the troop/PLC to plan it for them.

The key stumbling block for me has been having enough registered adults that are directly invested in the scouts’ success and enjoyment of the program (i.e. the scouts’ parents) within the patrol that we can pull off some of the events the scouts want to do. The scouts (when they themselves are motivated) make really good advocates with their parents to get them to register, if you put it to the youth that the issue is the availability of registered leadership. The patrol now has several registered leaders, and we’re trying to coordinate among ourselves to find dates that will work for what the scouts want to do as a patrol, both for our adults and for the scouts who want to go. Our PL figures that if we can make it work, it’ll get the other patrols moving, through sheer jealousy if nothing else. I’m kinda hoping he’s right. :^)

I’d love to be your 2nd adult! Not a lick of snow until after we are soaked with rain this weekend!

That said, camp in the snow with your son regardless. Track some deer. Cook something good.


LOL! the camp provides everything as well! all you need to bring is long johns and a coat! $80 for the weekend. Looks like 30’s for the weekend