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Troop Meeting nights

I like the agenda idea. I may borrow and pass it along to our SPL/SM for consideration. I’m most efficient in meetings with an agenda, but I’m not sure that’s the way that our youth think, so I’m reluctant to push too hard in that direction.

Our previous SM had a series of templates for the scouts to plan the upcoming X months of activities/meetings/etc, but those seem to have fallen by the wayside with our current SM, who has more of a “Let the scouts stumble around a bit. They’ll figure it out.” approach. I think both have merit, although in our case the previous arrangement was SM-heavy and the current one is occasionally SM-light (i.e. lots of youth discussion and idea generation, but often not enough specific info on upcoming plans to convey back to the committee for support requests). I’m hoping we oscillate to a region where the youth are generating the ideas, but are creating detailed-enough plans that we can convey them back to the committee/parents to get adequate adult support (e.g. drivers) in time to support the activity.

Also, while I’m having this dream, I’ll add in the scouts developing a universal cancer vaccine. :laughing:

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