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Troop Parent has now signed up Lion need to merge account


I have a parent whose son crossed over to Troop last year. He has now signed up his youngest to be a lion in the Pack. When I try to connect him and search adults his name does not appear. When I add him as a new connection it won’t let me enter his email address (comes up changemyemail@scoutbook.com) and it assigns him a new BSA number. This parent now wants to be the Lion “leader”, but he can’t access YPT or any training. How can I merge his account from the Troop? When he signs into Scoutbook he sees both of his boys, but when he signs in as a leader it shows a different BSA number and no boys. How can I merge the accounts and keep his original BSA number? (I already tried this: Go to: My Dashboard -> Administration -> My Account -> My Connections…see if the Scout is listed there. If so, click on the Scout’s name, then Scout’s Membership, and move the Scout into your unit.) The Scout is already in our unit. TIA!

@KeriHanlon will send you a direct message to get the data - look at avatar in top right of page

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