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Is there a way to get the troop / patrol activities linked to the rank requirement? It seems that when I put in an activity, campout, hik e, Klondike…it doesn’t show in the requirements, (1st class 10 troop / patrol activities)

That’s correct, @DougGurriell. The calendar is not linked to advancement or award requirements.

While it sounds straightforward, what you’re describing is can be pretty difficult to implement correctly…

How should it handle an “average” campout, where two Scouts are also in the marching band, so they’ll arrive on Saturday morning instead of Friday night, another Scout has to leave Saturday night because his religious ed class is Sunday morning before the 9am service, and two other Scouts are missing part of the day on Saturday due to baseball and soccer games? How do you record participation credit for those scouts? Full credit? Half? None?

Overall, it’s pretty trivial for each individual to update the log in their Handbook – and even using the Scouting app to get the info into Scoutbook. Trying to automate that, with all the possible permutations you can have with a couple dozen campers, though?

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