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Troop Record Book

In Planning Your Troop’s Annual Program Budget, dated 2020 and found at Unit Program Planning Tools, it says, "Additional information concerning unit budget plans, the treasurer’s responsibilities, camp savings, forms, and records can be found in Troop Record Book, No. 34508.”

However, I can’t find any such thing, anywhere. Surely this thing has not completely vanished from existence since last year?!

@JSyler - perhaps this is what you are looking for

Yes, that’s the page (linked above) where I found the PDF in question. Obviously, the Troop Record Book does not appear on that page.

I think it’s actually more likely that the Troop Record Book didn’t exist in 2020 either, @JSyler. I don’t know that I’ve ever actually seen one for sale. I’m inclined to believe that it was a hardcopy document, rather than a PDF.

I wonder if it got subsumed into the Troop Leader Guidebook at some point. I have an old hardcopy at home, so I’ll take a look to see after I get back from work tonight.

ETA: Actually, thinking about the content, it seems more likely to have been subsumed into the Troop Committee Guidebook. I might have a copy of that, too. I’ll look.

Maybe, but it would make more sense to incorporate it into the Troop Committee Guidebook.

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I remember seeing a Pack Record Book in the Scout shop several years ago. It was kind of like a ledger with some forms in it.

I assume the Troop Record Book would be similar, but I kind find either one at the Scout shop online.

@JenniferOlinger - we had ours on clay tablets… just sayin


This was a thing and it did exist in paper form just as the paper pack record books. With the scout accounting feature of Scoutbook it is no longer available and all goes to Scoutbook. Unfortunately they never removed that reference. Please if you need a $$$ record accounting system use Scoutbook.

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So, I took a look around my collection of old junk scout stuff, and the Troop Committee Guidebook (2011) had most of these items in it. There are some “forms” in the Troop Leader Guidebook as well, but mostly related to program rather than finance.

Are you saying that the diligent and conscientious employees of the BSA would put out a document that referenced a publication that didn’t exist?

…yeah, but A) Scoutbook has no method of keeping track of troop funds, just individual Scout accounts, and B) Scoutbook does not have “additional information concerning unit budget plans [and] the treasurer’s responsibilities,” to my knowledge.

This changed a couple of months ago. It very much has that capability no.

Budgeting must be done outside of Scoutbook.

We just use Spreadsheets (Excel), others are LibreOffice Calc, Google Docs, etc.
Design your own.

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What changed a couple of months ago is that adults can now have individual financial accounts on Scoutbook. Scoutbook did not, to my knowledge, add the ability to keep track of troop funds. If they did, I certainly can’t find any such thing.

I could try to design my own "additional information concerning unit budget plans [and] the treasurer’s responsibilities,” I suppose, but that kind of defeats the purpose of BSA having created that information.

It did. In addition to adding adults, there is now a unit payment log. Go look at the documentation.

I’ll be darned. There it is.

Doesn’t really solve the problem at hand, but that’s useful information.

It sounds kinda like you’re more interested in the “additional information concerning unit budget plans [and] the treasurer’s responsibilities,” part. What are the specific questions you’re looking to get answered? There might be other documents to which folks could point you.

My specific question is “what ‘additional information concerning unit budget plans [and] the treasurer’s responsibilities’ is contained in the Troop Record Book?” We’re doing our (first) troop budget, and I feel like my Treasurer could use more guidance than is currently available to him.

@JSyler - give me a few and let me see what I can dig up for you

@JSyler - here is a good resource site