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From the official BSA end of things, I would aim them at the Troop Committee Guide. At least the older version I have discussed things like unit money-earning plans, requirements for approvals, scope of committee member responsibilities.

There’s also things like the Unit Money Earning Application (https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/34427.pdf) here: Scouting Forms from the National Council | Boy Scouts of America and information on fundraising here: Fundraisers - Troop Leader Resources

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The committee challenge has some treasurer information.

This cub page has a good level of budgeting and an example worksheet for packs. It would be good to find an equivalent one for troops.

I guess I found it, but I’ll keep the cub one here.

If you google troop treasurer or troop treasurer resources, you’ll find a lot of unit and council examples as well.

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@JSyler - in the end it is a cash basis accounting system

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