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Troop Trailer and Air Tags

Local unit just had trailer stolen - yes not a new story - It made me think of those Apple Air Tags and similar items. Has any unit added them to their trailer?


That is a very interesting idea. I’d be interested whether anyone has tried this.

One note about Airtags. If the person stealing the trailer has an iPhone they will be alerted that they picked up the tag.

@The_Kernel yeah that is what I read - I have never gotten an alert for one on my phone so not sure how it works

I know in our data centers we use rfid tags on every asset so they are tracked start to finish. I would gather the air tag is the same concept. Trailers are a difficult asset and as it appears based on asset value a commodity worth wrangling. Our units do not have trailers as there is no place to home them. While I would like to have a shared trailer I do not anticipate it happening.

We put this product in our troops trailer: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0197FV8YU?tag=hidden-gps-trackers-277853-20&linkCode=ogi&th=1&psc=1. It works well. I get a notification on my phone every time it moves. It does require charging which we do at our weekly troop meetings while we are around the trailer.

Well, even if that’s the case, it may be enough to discourage the theft in the first place, or encourage a thief to abandon the trailer quickly. Especially if it’s difficult to find something as small as an airtag in the whole trailer.

Do you have to approve every connect? or can a user say connect to all?

You have to connect to each tag separately. It’s not a long process and it gives you the chance to name them and pick an icon for them which makes it easier to find on the find my iPhone map. The map will give you directions to get it as well.

If it’s not your tag and your phone detects it you get a message that you seem to have picked up a tag. Then a menu of what you can do with it at pops up. I can get a list of options it gives you later today.

I use one on my moms golf cart. She’s a little older and worries she will get lost or have an accident and thus gives her peace of mind that I can find her. She calls every few weeks about the tag alert and I remind her what it’s for and she’s happy. It’s a good tool and affordable.

We also painted the roof of our trailer with BSA and the troop number. This makes it visible from the sky and hopefully discourages any would be thieves. It also helps that we keep the trailer empty, backed up to a chain link fence, and behind our bus!

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I use GPS trackers in my business. I buy battery operated that have a 5 year life because I’m not in a position to recharge them. This is the one I use - GPS ASSET TRACKING DEVICE - GPS Tracking.