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Troop Uniform Jacket

Hello. I’m a new Troop founder. I’m looking for information on the Scouts BSA Jacket where our Scouts can put their adventure patches for hiking, camping, etc. Will it be acceptable to just order jackets for the kids and sew on the BSA emblem as shown on page 30 of the Guide to Awards and Insignia? Thanks in advance for your input.

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Jackets are kind of funny things in BSA. The Uniform Jacket that most people think of is the Red Wool JacShirt that many of us old Scouters love. to wear. If you read the “regulations” about which patches you can put on it and where you find out there are some specific suggestions but ultimately it is yours and you can do what ever you want with it. So there really are no jacket rules. A scout’s jacket should keep them warm and dry.

I think is is a great idea that you are thinking about troop jackets. it will make your group stick out, in a good way, where ever you go. I would suggest sticking with traditional scout colors like red or green but that is just my opinion. that ever you and your troop decide on is what you will need to live with. My Troop used to have Blue sweatshirts that everyone wore. now only a few still have them. will we order more of the same or change things up. I’m thinking some vests might be neat, Have fun. I hope this helps make your unit feel more cohesive.


You can order the red BSA emblem online for about 2.50 each and pick your jacket. There is no official scout jacket. My troop and crews have always chose to get hoodies with their own designs and you would come out cheaper going with that option. Just remember to let the youth decide, they’re the ones wearing it and if they enjoy wearing it becomes a walking billboard. Lol


I would echo Chuck and say that let the scouts determine the jacket and it’s design. Jeez., Don’t ever ask for rules and regulations unless you really want them.


Our Troop is only 4 months old. So, I want to make sure we are on the right track. I appreciate all your input. We’ll let the kids pick the jacket and then just add the red BSA emblem. I saw the red jac-shirt on the Scout Store. The kids might not want to wear that (I don’t, LOL) and at $80 each, we need a more cost-effective option.

Might I suggest, also, that your troop go through four seasons of camping before settling on a model?
I had a scout scout jacket that was barely worn because it was only fit to wear in the summer. If the point is to sport temporary patches at fall and spring camporees, you’ll want something that’s fit to keep you all comfortable in the fall and spring.


When i had my troop we had red jackets but due to wool some cannot wear them so we got red jackets for them that were not wool. but all jackets had to be the same as far as color.

I posted on this subject while back: Official Uniform Jacket?

We ended up doing what you suggested, picking out a model that looks appropriate to the scouting uniforms and something the scouts would actually wear. We designed our own troop patch and added it to the front of the jacket on one side and the red BSA patch on the opposite side. Scouts are free to have temporary patches sewn on the back and sleeves in any arrangement they like.

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