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Trouble responding to Churchill plans

I tried to submit comments/suggestions to nationals about the Churchill plan via the links that they provided. Please send your opinions.

It has an error in the upload. You have to have 2000 characters right now for it to upload. So enter your comments, and then add filler to get to 2000 characters. That’s what I did.

It’s only the last comment that is programmed in reverse to require at least 2,000 words. I had already made several comments, and that was my last one. I copied and pasted it into a Word document and then added commentary about the issue I was having and the need for me to fill up 2,000 characters in order to post my answer. I mentioned that I had invested time in my other comments and didn’t want to lose what I had written. Then, I started talking about where I grew up. Once I hit 2,000 characters on that comment, everything went through.

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Many of the questions are programmed backwards. This is so typical of BSA at the national level, no QA to insure that the survey was answerable prior to distribution.


I used dots. …

It is fixed now. It is very typical of them. Scoutbook is better but still not perfect after 5 years.

The fact that I have to deep dive on the internet on sites I am not familiar with, just to still be unclear if my son is being booted out of Venturing next spring when he turns 18 is ridiculous. As committee chair for that crew, I have yet to receive any direct communication from BSA or my Council as to what is going on. I need answers and have yet to find clear direction on who to turn to.

Discussion and planning is not implementation. You are going to have to wait until BSA national tells the councils what changes have been implemented. It takes time to make and publish changes.

BSA has sent out a survey and asked for input regarding all the Churchill Committee plans. Please give our input and help let them know that we want to keep Sea Scouts and Venture Scouts. They say nothing has been agreed upon yet. So make your voice heard.

Thank you for this information. I have passed it on to our Crew.

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