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Trouble with Boys Life Subscription

Our Pack includes an annual subscription to Boys Life magazine as part of the annual dues/fees. I was involved in our recharter last year so I know that all the scouts were signed up to receive a subscription. It took several months for the magazines to arrive and back issues were received. However, it seems that anyone who joined our Pack after the annual recharter, even if they paid their dues/fees, is not receiving Boys Life. (Applications were also completed and submitted to the council.) Our Council office doesn’t seem to have an answer. The Scouts in question have a BSA number so I know they are in the “system.” Any thoughts on how to get our Scouts their magazines?

There is a link to report problems with your Boys’ Life subscription at https://boyslife.org/contact-us/

Thanks, I’ll checks that out. Guess I should have looked there first, but I honestly didn’t even think about their website - figured it all went through the council. Thanks again!

@SuzannePodemski - the data in recharter is fir the most part a passthrough to national council. The member fees adults and youth along with the boys life flag.

Just to be clear, your council records show that they should be receiving it?

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