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Trouble with scout access to scoutbook

How to give my son access to his scoutbook account?I am unable to see the link to invite on my son to his account. None of the scouts show up on message center can I email him either.

Hi, @StephenYoung,

The first question is verifying whether you’re connected to your son as a parent, as a leader, both, or neither.

Are you able to see a connection to your son’s profile from your My Dashboard?

If so, click on that, then see if you appear in the list of parents at the top:

If so, go into that connection, make sure Parent/Guardian is checked, then Update the connection. If you can’t update the connection, you’ll need to reach out to a Unit Admin (typically Cubmaster/Scoutmaster, Committee Chair, Chartered Organization Rep, plus any others your unit has designated) to add that parent connection for you.

Yes I am connected to him as a parent and leader.

Thanks, @StephenYoung. Were you able to “reapprove” the connection to your scout while you were viewing it? Sometimes doing that resets something about the connection behind the scenes and gets things working again.

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