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Troubles using scoutbook online - possible duplicate acct?

When I sign into the Scouts App on my phone it shows that I’m connected to both my son and daughter and can view all their advancements ETC.

When I sign in online on my computer using the same username and password, I can only view my son’s advancements, it won’t allow me to view my daughter’s.

At one point it was actually showing me connected twice to my daughter in the App on my phone, causing me to receive duplicate notifications for everything. I had her leader remove the second connection. This is why I think I might have duplicate accounts. ​When I view my personal information in the app it shows my daughter’s name and member ID.

My member ID is 13640154
My daughter’s Member ID 136135209 Edited to show correct
The username for both accounts is garfieldgrl@gmail.com
I also need to change my last name from Sides to James as well.

@HeatherSides think you might have been typing fast - that is son’s MID - Everything looks fine in SB from our view.

On last name which is correct as we see both James and Sides

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