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Trying to add a Scout to Scoutbook`

I am trying to add a Scout to Scoutbook. He was listed in Scoutbook for the last month but was never synced. He did not have his membership ID on that record. I tried deleting his account and re-adding(no advancement was listed). Scoutbook said there was already a record with that membership ID. So I tried to transfer him and Scoutbook said that there was no scout with that ID to transfer.
What to do? The Scout is on our roster in my scouting.
Thnx! Michelle


When did the Scout first appear on your roster in my.scouting? If it was today, please check again tomorrow as the member sync process takes at least 24 hours. If it was prior to today, send an e-mail to scoutbook.support@scouting.org with the Scout’s BSA Member ID, your unit and council. Indicate the Scout is on your roster in my.scouting but not on your Scoutbook roster.

It was 2 months ago. His name now appears on scoutbook but he is still not synced. When I look at his profile there is no membership number. When I go to add his membership number I get ! BSA Member #: The BSA Member Number already exists under another user account in Scoutbook. Please check the number or try to remove the number from the other account first.

Was this scout previously in scouting (another troop or in a pack)? Does the scout by any chance have a my.scouting account (e.g. from online training or for some other reason)?

I would normally try transferring in the “other” youth account with the BSA ID first, then look to see which one(s) reflect the correct advancement history for the scout. You said you already tried that, though, and it kicked you back saying that there was already an account with that BSA ID no such scout…bizarre.

Is there advancement recorded in the “current” account (i.e. the one without the BSA ID)? If so, I would probably have scoutbook.support@scouting.org try to find the “phantom” account (i.e. the one using the BSA ID), then merge the two accounts, retaining the correct BSA ID, the correct advancement, and the parent connections, rather than just telling them that you have a scout on the my.scouting roster that’s not in the troop. They may end up deleting the “current” account with its advancement/logs/etc if they don’t realize it’s “real” data. If you’re lucky, the same account reflects the advancement and BSA ID.

ETA: Corrected comments above regarding results of transfer attempt.

Someone previously told me I could still add his advancement even though he was not synced. I tried that and image I do not see anywhere to do this.

That’s odd. I have a “fake” scout account that I set up before BSA bought Scoutbook, and I can enter advancement as Completed. I just can’t Leader Approve it.

To get the scout to sync, I believe you go to his dashboard page from My Dashboard → My Units → Unit Roster, and there should be a yellow(?) bar underneath the scout’s name near the parents’ names that says something about activating sync. Click there, and I believe it pushes the process along. That said, without a BSA ID on the account, I don’t think it will work.

I have tried to transfer him and I get this error:
I know that is inaccurate as he is on our recharter paperwork.

Has your recharter been processed by the council yet? Ours is still pending, and I know we submitted quite a while back. They weren’t able to start processing until later than usual this year, or so I’ve heard.

ETA: That was poorly phrased. What I meant was, he was on your roster before recharter went in, if I understood your earlier comments correctly. I was wondering if the recharter process might have unintentionally dropped him. We’ve had issues with that in the past when recharter was processed.

I recommend sending an e-mail to Scoutbook Support at:


Please include as much identifying information as you can (Scout’s full name, BSA ID #, unit number, council name).

I got this from Support. It worked!! You can find and move the Scout into your Troop by clicking My Dashboard >Administration > My Account > My Connections > Select the account for the Scout that doesn’t have a Unit listed under their name > Scout’s Membership > Add > Enter the Council, Unit Type, Unit Number, BSA Unit Description, Patrol, and a Start Date > Update.

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