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Trying to delete patrol with one boy in it

We had a bunch of empty patrols in SB from when the boys changed the names/membership of the patrols. I deleted the empty/unused ones, but there were two with one boy each in them (that have quit). The one boy, I ended his membership in his patrol and put him in “no patrol” and then I deleted that patrol, but the other patrol, I can’t delete. The 2nd boy already had an end date in his membership, and underneath his name it says “no current membership data entered.” All of his memberships are ended, but he still appears in the patrol that I want to delete, so I can’t. How can I get him out of the patrol so I can delete it?


@ElizabethScott - is there perhaps an active or current leadership position for that scout?

Stephen, that might be part of the problem. It shows him as PL for this patrol, there is no end date. All his memberships have an end date.

I just tried to put an end date in his PL position, when I click Update it says “Duncan is not assigned to a Patrol. Only a Scout assigned to a Patrol can be assigned the Patrol Leader or Assistant Patrol Leader position.” But it still shows him as active in the patrol.

Our SM just e-mailed me and said he deleted him from SB in September, he is still showing up on the RSVP list, but not on the Troop Roster.

@ElizabethScott - you can try this and see if it works. Step 1 - delete the membership end date specifically for that patrol membership. Step 2 - end the leadership position, then the membership. Now with respect to the calendar items, you would need to edit the events in which he is listed to remove him.

@ElizabethScott - can you end the leadership position though if you try ?

Thanks, that worked, and that patrol is now deleted!

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