Trying to Invite a Member from Another Council into Our Troop DUring Recharter

I have invited a member from another council to join our troop in recharter. I sent the invite and the parent has tried to transfer but it does not seem to work. Can you help please. Scout’s previous council was French Creek Council, Troop 52. His member number was 12972942. We are trying to add him to Troop 0248 in Yucca Council. Thanks. Bob Sellers

@RobertSellers1 if the parent is not connected in my.scouting - and there is no way (that I know of) to tell, they probably cannot transfer. Just do a new application I would think. I have not seen that invite in recharter work myself.

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The issue is that doing a new application charges the new scout fee of $25. THey should not have to pay that even if the system doesnt work.

I guess my other question is why are we using it if doesnt work.?

Indicate on the application that it is a transfer and include the Scout’s BSA Member ID from the old Council. You should not be charged the $25 fee.

Council fees are council fees - even if multiplied council fees AND new member charge still apply

The system is basically garbage in, garbage out. If a parent wasn’t connected / connected properly before, it isn’t the systems fault that it doesn’t work.

We are using it since it is the only system available. The BSA was under a tight timeline to get off of a 22 year old system. Fringe cases have had issues.

@DonovanMcNeil ‘s advice of doing paper is good. Include the old ID and make as transfer. The registrar can make sure the

One of the core issues is the base that all of the system is built upon requires new ID’s for a user in each council. There is no master ID. No one has given a good reason about why, other than that is how it was setup before everything has been connected. I assume they would like to get off of that, but they have been working with limited resources. Now they have one less old system to support. Maybe single ID’s are next?

As a late wise instructor of niche industrial software once told me “Matt, while it may be interesting to find out why it is like that, or how it could be better, this class is focusing on what we have to deal with today, good or bad.”

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