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Trying to schedule den meetings on the next scout year!

I’m getting new den meetings plugged into the calendar for the next scout year. I’m starting with tigers. When I choose to use the tiger calendar, my current tigers appear to be invited. My question is, when the tigers advance to wolves in June, will they still use the same calendar that everyone is synced with, or do they need to now sync with the wolf calendar and if so, will I need to go into all the den meetings I’m creating and reinvite the current scouts?

This is our first year in Scoutbook so we are all beginners and we do not know what happens in this program when scouts advance. Any help, please!!

When you advance your den (see Advancing Den to Next Rank) the calendar moves with the den.

We also recommend using the volunteer written and supported Feature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook for Chrome and Firefox so you can create recurring events for your den meeting.

Keep in mind the Planned Advancement feature of the calendar is broken. I recommend not using it.

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Planned Advancement feature? Is that where I plug in what will be done at the meetings? By broken, are you saying that after attendance is taken, advancements do not carry over and must be manually entered? I’m trying to learn the new Scoutbook jargon as best I can, thanks!!

Inside of the Scoutbook calendar / Edit Event you will see “Planned Advancement / Manage Advancement”. This feature is currently broken, because it has not been updated to show current requirements for Cub Scouts.

Instead, we recommend using the “Event Description / Invitation Message” to list the requirements that are planned to be worked on.

The calendar is not currently linked to advancement requirements. The reason for this is because Scouts sometimes arrive late, leave early, don’t participate in certain activities, etc. However, Scoutbook does have a Quick Entry option where you can quickly update requirements from your den page.

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Oh… Now I’m really confused. I’ve been hitting that button and it takes me to a list of advancement topics to choose from. Once i approve that, I can then go back in to adjust which parts of the adventure I want. Does no one else get that? Or is this just new?

It has been broken since the BSA changed Cub Scout requirements in 2016. It also does not work the way most people expect. The only people who can see the planned advancement are those that can edit the calendar. The planned advancement does not appear to Scouts or their parents. This is why we suggest you just use the note field to indicate what will be worked on during the meeting.

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Thank you! ! Good to know

Any timeline for the calendar > adv/award reqs. getting fixed?

It will not be fixed until the calendar is replaced. We do not have a timeline for the new calendar. I would plan your next year assuming it will remain broken.

Just remember if you add events and someone joins, you have to add them. Feature Assistant Extension can help add people after the fact.

Wouldn’t it make a bit of sense to disable the bit where it’s prompting users to go through the menu trees of selecting adventures/requirements to work on at an event… and maybe just replace that with a note that “THIS IS BROKEN… DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME”?