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Two Den Calendars in Den Leader Experince

I have a leader that created a calendar in teh Den Leader Experience, but for the wrong Den (Wolf). He created a new one for the Bears and now he has two calendars that the parents can see. How can he delete the other calendar?

I do not know of a way - but I pointed the Developer to this thread

@CharlesHuse - please provide unit details, including council information.

Cub Scout Pack 0090, Laurel Highlands Council #527, SB user kmorse

Thanks! I am checking on this for you. It is the Wolf den that is wrong, correct?

I believe that is correct.

Sorry The Bear Den is incorrect. He is now the Webelos leaders.

OK, got it. Thank you!

Just following up to see if this was resolved.

I have a similar issue I do NOT know how to correct as it will not let me edit. I used leader.scouting.org to populate my Pack 147 Wolf Girls Den. I thought it was just going to populate the dates and let me add the adventures I was going to do on those dates. Unfortunately it autopoulated and I cannot delete or edit them in scoutbook or via leader.scouting.org. I need the ones autopopulated fully deleted at this point as it is not helpful at all. BSA User audro2, Heart of New England Council


We suggest you go into Scoutbook and set swtich to hide events from the Den Leader Experience then use the Scoutbook calendar to create your own plan. The only changes you can make to events the Den Leader Experience puts on your calendar is the date. You cannot delete or otherwise edit the events. This is why I do not recommend using it.

Is there a way to create monthly meetings? Looks like my 2 choices are bi-weekly or weekly? But for the lion den we only need monthly meetings. Thanks in advance!


If you only meet once a month, I suggest not using the Den Leader Experience. It only supports bi-weekly or weekly meetings.

@AlbertoChang Are you actually meeting once a month? Or do you have one “meeting” and one “outing” each month. The outing is generally considered the 2nd meeting.

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