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Two Parents with No Email Showing

We have the parents of two Cub Scouts whose EMAIL and PHONE numbers are not displaying in the in SCOUT BOOK at all. Not in the roster, not in reports, not in the profile.

We have not been been able to send them invites to events or to scoutbook. They can not RSVP, so they have not been able to attend any Pack or Den events for two months.

I have called local council and well as the National Member Care number and nothing is fixed. Should I just tell these two families they can not join scouting?
Maria MCConnell, and Cleve Bryan

The information is in Member Manager on Scoutnet.

The parents are frustrated, we can not fix it, and National does not seem interested in fixing. Tomorrow is our last Pack Meeting of the year.

The first question would be whether or not those parents included an email address on their new member applications for the scouts. If so, have them try logging in to scoutbook with that email address, and clicking on the Forgot Password link. That should, assuming that their account exists and the email is associated with it, send them an email with instructions to reset the password.

Another possibility is that the accounts were created without an associated email by the council or some other automated route. In that case, I would send an email to scoutbook.support@scoutign.org with the following information:

  • The adults’ names
  • Their scouts’ names
  • The unit number and council
  • The adults’ AdultUserID
  • The adults’ email addresses
  • The adults’ phone numbers

and ask support to associate that contact information with those adult accounts.

You can obtain the adults AdultUserID’s by going to:

My Dashboard → Administration → My Units → Unit Roster → Scout’s name → Parent’s name → Edit Profile

Look in the URL in the browser’s address bar for the AdultUserID.

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