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Two tickets that seem to be taking a while

We had a council merger at the beginning of June. Two of the councils merged into the third councils existing number. Support has gotten our districts updated but have not moved over the two other scout shops. In addition even though the council name has been updated it still shows the old patch of the original council which is upsetting to the other two council’s who merged in.

The 2 support tickets are as follows

SSD-106100 Council emblem
SSD-104688 more updates for council page (scout shop info)


We have a separate three-council merger. New web site is in the process of being created. Does Scoutbook BSA Council Directory allow
a. redirection of old councils to new council?
b. multiple service center and national store listing/mapping?
c. multiple websites

Bill eveyone is in new council on scoutbook it is some hard coding of data pages and uploading of the patch all other links have already been updated


The developers are working on these. They may not make this week’s release but should be done shortly.

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