Two User IDs Under Same BSA ID #


Yesterday, parents invited me to connect to their Scout (an AOL crossover) in Scoutbook. I did and (with their permission) subsequently transferred him into the Troop. We then went into my.scouting with the parent to do the official roster electronic transfer application. This process went smoothly, except that the Scout did not show as synchronized right away. (I expected this would not happen until system update around midnight.)

This morning, the Scout now shows with two Scoutbook profiles, both synchronized, with separate USER IDs, but with the same BSA ID of 134930335.

USER ID 5005274 is the good profile, with picture, cyber chip, and AOL showing.

USER ID 11865014 is the wayward profile which shows no award or advancement data, and should be merged or deleted.

Would you please correct this?

Also, any insights into cause?

Thanks in advance,

Scouter Rob

@ScouterRob this is fixed

Thanks Donovan!

Should we modify our transfer process? Or is this a known issue??

Scouter Rob

the 2 accounts might have merged later today - no reason to transfer in SB before official transfer if you are using MYST

Acknowledged, thanks! This was our first transfer using the electronic means.


Scouter Rob

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