Two users sharing one Scoutbook erroneously

I believe someone in Troop 3003 in Amarillo, TX is using my member number in Scoutbook erroneously, because I have many “Connections” to many children in Troop 3003 whom I have never met, including, last names Burkhard, Collins, Grosz, Hancox, Keen, and Smith. I wonder if you can help me solve this mystery?

I am about to click the “Clean Old Connections” and remove all of these and connect only to my two sons, but wanted to ask if someone can check if my BSA member number is being used by anyone in Troop 3003?

You have a past position (unapproved) in Cub Scout Pack 3003 in Scoutbook.

If you want, you can go to (in Scoutbook):

My Dashboard → Administration → My Account → My Past Positions

Click on the position and change the Date Ended so that it is the same as the Date Started.

Then go to My Connections and click on “Clean Old Connections”.

Thank you so much for the instructions. I clicked on the position but am unable to edit. I tried left click, right click, double click, and clicking many different locations. Can you describe that step a bit more?
I was never in Pack 3003, so this is very strange to me.

You should be able just to select the position and then change the date. Does this not work for you? See the below screenshots.

Please try the instructions that Andrew posted, but it’s possible that you are locked out, because you are not a unit Admin. If you can’t change the dates, I wouldn’t worry about it.

You can go ahead and click on the “Clean Old Connections” button.

I think the pack most likely was trying to connect to someone with a similar name, and connected to you by mistake.

Thank you. I am unable to edit using Andrew’s instructions, but assume it is because I am not unit Admin like Jennifer suggested.
Thanks for your help.

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