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Unable to access scout balances after troop merger

Help! Our two local troops merged into a single troop in January 2021. One of the troops was using the Payments log to keep track of individual Scout balances and the other troop was not. When the new Scoutbook account was released, none of the balances transferred over. We were tracking these values exclusively in Scoutbook so now they appear to be lost. We’ve checked the old troop’s Scoutbook account but the balances are no longer there. Is there any way to run a report via an archived version of the old troop’s Scoutbook records to recover this information? Even if we have to enter it manually in the new account, we need access to the information to do so. Thank you.

Woods and Water Council (MI) Troop 275 B (old)
Woods and Water Council (MI) Troop 55 B (new)

Your council will need to send in a ticket to national for you on this - to see IF it can be done

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