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Unable to add as den leader

Hi, my troop is trying to add me as an Arrow of Light den leader and it is not able to find my ID. I am a parent and can log in to BSA. Can you help? I did attempt to register a second time accidentally this year, so I am not sure if I messed something up? I am logged in as BSA 13579088. I think I also may have created a second account with 137221189 but do not know how to log in to that one. Neither ID worked with they tried to add me as a leader.

@AngelaCarter1 you have to fill out an Adult Application in order to be a leader - you have not done that it appears


…or at least that application hasn’t been processed by the council yet.

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The 2nd BSA Member ID you provided is for your son. His account is setup to be logged in to with your google ID and password.

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