Unable to add new adult

I am trying to add a new adult in IA but am getting an error “First name, last name or date of birth do not match the person record of the provided Member ID.” I have looked at his my.scouting account and verified the name and Member ID of 13963211. However his date of birth is listed as “Invalid date”. How can this be corrected?

@RaymondWei Is this person using a nickname? Or full legal first name?

I put him in IA using his full legal name. It appears in his my.scouting account that he’s using a shorter nickname. However, there doesn’t appear to be a way to update the name or the date of birth.

@RaymondWei I would recommend contacting your local council for assistance.

They will likely want him in the system with his full legal first name for purposes of the criminal background check.

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