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Unable to find an adult

I’m trying to add a new leader at this URL:

When I click search, I keep getting:
“No record found that satisfies the search criteria.”

I get the error whether I search with the person’s email or BSA ID. Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot/fix this?


Please post the BSA member number (no names, please).

The BSA ID is 13764025.

I’m not sure if it’s related, but I’m seeing the person’s son in the roster but not the person’s daughter.

This user does not have a Scoutbook account, so you will need to create one.

But aren’t they trying to add a new leader, though? Shouldn’t the leader be logging in with their my.scouting credentials, or do we still have to create Scoutbook accounts for leaders? I thought that was automated by the registration process.

@CharleyHamilton The user is not currently registered as an adult leader. It is possible that the adult application has been turned in to the local council, but not processed yet.

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OK. That makes more sense. I was thinking there was a “new” process that looked like the “old” process. Bad case of the Mondays on my side of the keyboard. :^)

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@AntoineDunn If you let us know when you have created the Scoutbook account, we can sync it so that it (hopefully) doesn’t create a duplicate when the adult gets registered as a leader.

If your unit and council allows, this user might want to apply online, and that would also reduce the possibility of a duplicate account.

I’ve asked the adult to fill out an online application.

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