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Unable to log Activities (Hiking, Camping, & Service) for Troop

When I try to do a Quick Entry from Scoutbook to enter in activites for the Troop, it takes me to an Internet Advancement page that lists “youth profile” even though I am an adult leader. I have no access to the troop or scouts to enter their activities. I have four roles in Internet Advancement, Troop ASM, Venture Crew Asst. Advisor, and two parent roles for my son in the troop and crew. I have visiblity to the crew roster as expected, but for my Scouts BSA role, I have not ability. Previously I have successfully logged activities in Scoutbook with no issue, but now have not ability. This has been an issue for several months that we have troubleshoot at the troop level to no success.

Your troubleshooting and insights are appreciated.

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